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Lightning fast, highly secure, ultimate easy to access your infrastructure in your fingertips.
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Manage your infrastructure details in a single web browser, such as login credentials, IP address, server location, etc.


Run SSH/RDP/Telnet/VNC through the HTML5 based browser without requiring client software or browser plugins. Lightning-fast speed makes no difference with client software.


Choose the location you prefer to connect to your infrastructure to ensure the best network performance.

User Stories

How HeyTerm helps different people

  • Web Hosting Providers

    Web Hosting Providers

    HeyTerm helps web hosting providers to manage servers, switches, access points in a very fast manner. With a centralized view and auto-login, web hosting providers don't need to search for user logins.

  • Startups


    HeyTerm helps startups to manage servers with different freelance developers who work remote or from different office locations. Startups no longer need to provide login credentials and they can monitor activities on the servers.

  • Freelancers


    HeyTerm helps freelancers save a lot of time by enabling them to access their servers from any place and any network they work, without the need of installing client software.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does HeyTerm work?

    Heyterm works as a browser based SSH/RDP/VNC terminal client to access your infrastructure.

  • Is HeyTerm a cloud-based solution?

    Yes, HeyTerm works as a SaaS model. We are exploring the possibility on the self-hosted version at the moment, we believe it should be ready in the near future.

  • Is HeyTerm free?

    HeyTerm is free at beta stage, and we guarantee all servers added at beta stage will remain as free forever.

  • Is there any limitation?

    No. You can add as many servers as you want, all servers added at beta stage will remain free in the future.

  • Is my data safe with HeyTerm?

    Yes. Your data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption on Amazon AWS world-class facilities, and constantly maintained by HeySupport professional technical team.

  • How to contact you for support?

    You are always welcome to contact us by submitting a ticket, we will get back to you within 1 business day.

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